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Long before Sustainability was an industry and pop culture buzz word, U.S. Display Group and its affiliates worked to establish and implement programs and processes that have helped create an industry standard that others now emulate. We are dedicated to creating and implementing sustainable display solutions that work for you.

U.S. Display Group practices continuous improvement activities involving the entire workforce, improving quality and reducing manufacturing time and costs.


“U.S. Display Group has always strived to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer. We are one of a very few companies in our industry to be certified to the ISO 14001 standard, which pertains directly to “Sustainability.”

Greg Moore
U.S. Display Group

Our Goals

  • Design displays that achieve product requirements while optimizing materials and space
  • Recover 100% of corrugated production waste for recycling
  • Recycle or reuse all office and manufacturing materials
  • Utilize materials with the highest recycled content possible without compromising quality
  • Comply with standards set forth by ISO 14001 in all activities
  • Be an industry leader in sustainability initiatives, while achieving overall cost reductions


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