• Flutes and Liners

    Your Point of Purchase display relies on substrates and fluting to provide strength and stability.

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  • The Digital Printing Revolution

    Digital printing is transforming the display industry. Check out our infographic below to learn more about the benefits!

  • Shipping Your Display to Retail

    Shipping your display is the final step to retail and a very crucial one! Check out some of the struggles that displays can meet in transit and how to prevent damage.

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  • What Do Those Freight Terms Mean?

    The acronyms and terms associated with freight carriers can certainly be bewildering. We created an infographic to take some of the mystery out of it!

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    Tooling 101: Print Plates & Cutting Dies

    Tooling  [ too-ling ]

    work done with a tool or tools


    1. a number of tools, as in a particular factory

    2. the planning and arrangement of tools for a particular manufacturing process

    What is tooling?

    Cutting dies and print plates used in point of purchase displays and retail ready packaging are referred to as tooling. They are custom made to fit each component for the project. 

    Print Plates

    1. What is a print plate?

    A print plate is used for flexo printing and is a large custom stamp made from a polymer material. It attaches to a machine cylinder to apply graphics on to the corrugated display component. A specific print plate is needed for each color you are printing on the display.

    2. Are print plates always necessary?

    Print plates are not necessary when a digital printer or litho is used to apply graphics to the component. Our Barberan Jetmaster 1750 digital printer prints directly to the corrugated sheet and does not require print plates.

    3. Can a print plate easily be changed?

    The formed polymer print plate is made custom for every component. Changing your design once the print plate is manufactured isn’t as easy as it may seem. Making a change typically requires making a completely new custom print plate. Any changes need to be reviewed by the print plate manufacturer. 

    4. How long do print plates last?

    Print plates can be used over and over. The polymer plate can warp or degrade over time. However, multiple uses can be expected.

    The print plate below shows that a separate print plate is needed for each color on a display.

    Shown below is a corrugated sheet after graphics are applied.

    Cutting Dies

    1. What is a cutting die?

    A cutting die is like a cookie cutter. It is made from wood (typically ash or birch), rubber, and steel rule. Steel rule is inserted into the wood and cuts the display components out of the corrugated material. Cutting dies are mounted to machinery to cut out components at a high rate of speed. It’s an efficient, effective way to get you the best desired product.

    2. Are there different types of cutting dies?

    Yes, there are two types of cutting dies: rotary and flat.

    3. What's the difference between rotary and flat cutting dies?

    Rotary dies are round and are typically utilized for high volume or large components. Steel rule insertion is slightly limited on the rounded shape so this style die is not used for intricate designs.

    Flat dies can be used for various order volumes. A flat die offers options for machine manufacturing. Clam shell and Bobst utilize flat dies. Smaller run sizes of 500 or less will usually have a flat die.

    Rotary Die

    Flat Die

    Shown below is the display after it has been die cut and assembled.

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    Masters of Color

    U.S. Display Group achieves the level of G7 Master Qualification with colorspace compliance

    Tullahoma, TN: U.S. Display Group announced today that it has achieved G7® Master Facility Qualification of its integrated color management system.

    In the first quarter of 2018, U.S. Display Group announced its purchase of the Barberan Jetmaster 1750, a high-speed single-pass LED inkjet press. Today, U.S. Display Group announced that it has achieved Idealliance’s G7 Master Qualification, which provides third-party verification that U.S. Display Group delivers exceptional color matching and color consistency.

    “The G7 process gives the industry the tools and guidelines to more efficiently achieve and maintain color reproduction. In turn, G7 Master qualified facilities deliver even more consistent color reproduction for their customers,” explains Timothy Baechle, Vice President, Global Print Technologies & Workflows, Idealliance. Simply put, G7 is a universal calibration methodology that provides print service providers a significant business advantage.

    “In a study titled ‘Impact of Color on Marketing' researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone” ( Needless to say, color is extremely important, and U.S. Display Group recognizes that importance.

    Greg Moore, President of U.S. Display Group commented on the company’s accomplishment saying, “We are excited to achieve this level of certification, it is a confirmation of our ongoing continuous improvement initiatives”. With their state-of-the-art digital printer and knowledge of color, U.S. Display Group is able to achieve color quality and consistency every time.

    About U.S. Display Group: U.S. Display Group, a WBENC certified company, is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of custom point-of-purchase displays and retail packaging. USDG is an award-winning company with over three decades of experience offering a complete range of capabilities including in-house design, manufacturing, and pack out services.

  • Transformative Technology


    Transformative Technology

    U.S. Display Group taps into digital printing technology through the purchase of a Barberan Jetmaster Digital Press

    Tullahoma, TN: U.S. Display Group has announced the purchase of a new piece of printing technology – the Barberan Jetmaster Digital Printer.

    U.S. Display Group, a leading independent point-of-purchase manufacturer, became one of the first companies in the U.S. to purchase a Barberan Jetmaster high-speed single-pass LED inkjet press. Barberan Corporation, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, manufactures the machine and was the first company to address the need for higher production speeds in the analog-to-digital transformation. This transformation is necessary in corrugated print supply chains for both graphic packaging and point-of-purchase displays.

    According to Greg Moore, President of U.S. Display Group, the piece of equipment that USDG purchased is a 66" wide, 6-color LED inkjet machine that can print sheets up to 120" in length. The Barberan Jetmaster is capable of running at speeds up to an amazing 190 feet per minute with print resolutions up to 360 dpi. U.S. Display Group is expecting the machine to be installed in their Tullahoma, TN facility this summer.

    Garret Bradley, President of Barberan Corrugated US said, "After their evaluation of the current offerings, we feel very fortunate to have been selected as a partner for U.S. Display Group. They understand how the technology is evolving and the value it will bring to their clients and prospects. For me, it reinforces the quality of our product offering and our value proposition on the consumables side. With several ink suppliers and your ability to choose, you keep control of the number one cost of these machines. You don’t get that option with the other manufacturers."

    “We are excited to bring this game changing technology to our customers” said Moore. While there are a few of these machines already in production, U.S. Display Group is one of the first display companies to obtain this technology. Moore stated, “Digital printing continues to evolve and will have more of an impact as we move forward. Having a high-speed digital press that can maintain high quality printing specifications will make an immediate impact on our business.”

    Moore elaborated on the impact the Barberan Jetmaster will have on U.S. Display Group by adding, “Among the benefits of digital printing are shortened lead times, reduced waste, less tooling costs and faster set up times on smaller quantities. This will provide opportunities for customized packaging and display strategies that will increase sales for our customers.”

    When asked what he was most excited about regarding this new piece of machinery, Moore stated, “Utilizing digital printing in the corrugated industry can prove to be very advantageous. We are excited to be on the front end of this technology and are eager to bring these benefits to our customers.”

    See the Barberan Jetmaster Digital Printer in action here.

    About U.S. Display Group: U.S. Display Group, a WBENC certified company, is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of custom point-of-purchase displays and retail packaging. USDG is an award winning company with over three decades of experience offering a complete range of capabilities including in-house design, manufacturing, and pack out services.

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    A Decade of Success … 2007 – 2017

    U.S. Display Group has reached a manufacturing milestone. November 25, 2017 marked ten years with no lost time accidents.

    Tullahoma, TN: When asked about the significance of this achievement, Greg Moore, President of U.S. Display Group, said, “Safety has always been, and will continue to be our top priority at U.S. Display Group. We have a dedicated team of great employees who understand this and have helped shape this culture over the years. I want to thank each and every one of our team members for this amazing accomplishment. It is something that every one of us at U.S. Display Group take great pride in.”

    • What is a lost time accident? 
      A lost time accident is an OSHA recordable incident in which an employee is not able to return to work or is assigned restricted work on the day or shift following the incident.
    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for 2016 alone, “there were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers, which occurred at a rate of 2.9 cases per 100full-time equivalent workers”
    • Major pieces of equipment such as die-cutting machines and direct printing presses constantly present opportunity for injury, but U.S. Display Group goes to great lengths to make sure all employees work in the safest environment possible
    • U.S. Display Group attributes their safety success to team work – the safety initiative starts at the top with their ownership and affects every part of their operation

    About U.S. Display Group: U.S. Display Group, a WBENC certified company, is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of custom point-of-purchase displays and retail packaging. USDG is an award winning company with over three decades of experience offering a complete range of capabilities including in-house design, manufacturing, and pack out services.

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